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Tournament Trail

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Elite Series

Welcome to the 2014 Tournament Season!

Tournament Director: Richard McMaster
(423) 748-3240


Welcome to 2014

As many of you already know it's been announced that Richard and Melissa will not be running the trail next year but there will be a trail. Arrangements are being made for a new director to take over and details will be available in the coming months.

Bassmaster Team Championship Details and Update

The Bassmaster Team Championship will be December 9-13, 2014 on Lake Degray, Bismarck, AR. The entry fee is $500 per team. The registration and briefing will be December 9th with the team portion of the event being the 10th and 11th. Then the top three teams will be spilt up and the Bassmaster Team Championship Classic Fish Off will be the 12th and 13th. There is a room block set up at the Degray Lake Resort State Park. Call 501-865-5851 for Reservations Use the Group Name Bassmaster or Group Number 1473111 to attach the reservation to the tournament block. $85 per night room rate.

Additionally, for this inaugural year, the Bassmaster Team Championship is going to allow us to send 1 team, for every 25 paid teams (50 individual Bassmaster Team members) This is double the original amount. That means the top 4 teams from our trail will qualify to fish this great event.

Baxley and Baxley Take Night Tourney

On July 12th Toms Marine Team Trail held their first night tournament in the past several seasons. The team of Dillon and Brian Baxley were glad as they dominated the field by nearly 2 pounds in this three fish tournament.

Dillon and Brian, seen above, also had the lunker largemouth of the tournament which brought their winnings to a whopping $3,050. Heading the group of 9-pound bags challenging for second place and winning $1,500 was Randy Brown and Greg Burrell with 9.91-pounds. Third place and $900 went to Rick Diamond and Danny Garber with 9.49-pounds. Matt Ricker and Mark Hinkle finished fourth and won $600 with their 9.29-pound limit. Rounding out the top five and taking home $540 was Allen Smith and Josh Roark with 9.21-pounds. Complete results, standings and photos are now posted.

We invite everyone to come out and join us for our next event on September 15 on Douglas Lake at Shady Grove ramp.

Elite Series Championship will be held on Cherokee Lake on September 6

Toms Elite Series number 2 goes to Tim Smiley

The second Toms Marine Elite Series Tournament was held on June 28, 2014 on Douglas Lake. The top 5 finishers qualifying for the third tournament:
  • Tim Smiley - 19.15-pounds
  • Keith Gray and Eddie Ball - 15.89-pounds
  • Steve Miracle and Mike Wolfenbarger - 13.68-pounds
  • Chad Waddell and Rodney Craddock - 11.44-pounds
  • Randy Carroll and Mike Hobby - 10.91-pounds

The first Toms Marine Elite Series Tournament was held on March 22, 2014 on Cherokee Lake. The top 5 finishers qualifying for the third tournament:
  • Adrian Ransnake - 17.81-pounds
  • Rick Gill - 16.91-pounds
  • Jack Wade & Tim Irwin - 16.74-pounds
  • Gary Pilkenton - 14.83-pounds
  • Randy Carroll & Mike Hobby - 14.70-pounds

With one team double qualifying for the final tournament it will be a 9 boat no entry fee tournament for $1000, winner take all.

Tee-Shirts and Hats are now available at Toms Marine for all those that have already signed up and paid their membership.

Toms Marine Top 30 Elite Series is coming

The Toms Marine Elite Thirty Tournaments, there will be three tournaments two that are qualifying tournaments, and will be 30 boats/team members from the Toms 2013 points and the top 30 in points have first choice. The entry fee for the first two will be $200.00 per boat. There will be no big fish only places paid and only three places per tournament. The third tournament will be a no entry fee tournament. There will be $1000.00 taken from each of the first two tournaments for a total of $2000.00. That will be a winner take all in the third tournament. The third tournament will consist of the top five from each of the first two tournaments. If a team wishes to separate they will be allowed to fish alone but there will not be any alternates and with this there could be more than 30 boats.

Dates for Elite Tournaments
March 22nd Cherokee Boat Launch Road
June 28th Douglas at Dandridge
September 6th
Cherokee Lake, 25E Bridge

Qualify for the Bassmaster Classic

New for 2014, Toms Marine Team Trail has joined forces with B.A.S.S. to give our fishermen a chance to qualify for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic! For a $10.00 annual membership fee per person, $20.00 per team, you will have a chance to qualify for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. For every 50 25 teams that sign up for this program, we will send (1) team to the Bass Team Championship, 100 teams sign up and two four teams advance, 150 teams sign up three six teams advance and so forth. We will be using a points system to qualify for the Bass Team Championship. If you qualify and make the Bass Team Championship you will fish out of you or your partners boat. If your team finishes in the top 3 of the Bass Team Championship you will be split up into 6 individual boats and fish the Bass Team Classic Championship. The winner of the Bass Team Classic Championship will receive a berth in the 2015 BASSMASTER CLASSIC.

New Incentives for 2014

Toms Marine will pay $250 to anyone who wins out a boat purchased new from Toms Marine since 20110.

Glow Max will pay the winner of this years night tournament $250 in cash and $250 merchandise if you are using Glow Max black lights in your boat. In addition Toms Marine will pay the winner an additional $100 if the Glow Max black lights were purchased from and installed by Toms Marine.

Linex has teamed up with Toms Marine Team Trail to sponsor a drawing for a new spray in Linex bed liner this season. Anyone making a purchsae from Linex and letting them know you are a member of Toms Marine Team Trail will be entered into this drawing to be held at the end of the 2014 regular season. Visit Linex or call Richard for more details.

Toms Marine Team Trail would like to thank Anglers Channel (anglerschannel.com) for their coverage of the trail. Anglers Channel provides coverage of fishing all across the country and you can check them out by clicking here.

Tom's Marine Tournament Trail is included in most major boat manufacturers contingency programs. A complete list of the eligible programs can be found at the bottom of the payout page or by clicking here. The list of eligible programs changes regularly and is at the descretion of the individual boat manufacturers so be sure and check your manufacturers program for eligibility and requirements.

Tournament Director Richard McMaster invites everyone to come out and take part in this trail. Richard may be contacted at 423-748-3240 after 3pm. Prior to 3pm you may leave a message and it will be returned sometime after 3pm.

You may also request information from any member of the Tournament Committee. They are:

  • Stan Strickland, Assistant Director
  • Jamie Goodin
  • Ken Vicchio
  • Chad Waddell
  • Rick Gill